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You've probably got a closet full of items that no longer fit or are no longer being used.  Plus you only wore them 1 to 4 times -- just for competitions -- so they are practically new and will be very attractive to another skater. All Things Skate is a great place to recycle your items to other skaters and earn cash to use for lessons, competition fees, or turn it around to your next set of costumes, dresses, or gear!

How to Sell Your Items

Selling your items on All Things Skate is easy and registration is free!

How to post your skating items for free on our site.

  1. Simply register the item with our quick and easy form below. Include as many pictures as you'd like and be as descriptive as possible. We will professionally update your submission and have the product LIVE on our site within 24 hours.
  2. Send the item to us (address and instructions will be e-mailed to your registration email immediately)
  3. We will take care of the rest! We will take additional photographs and create additional content if needed that will help promote the product and find buyers through google searches etc.
  4. We will market and sell it for you. We have a team of e-commerce experts ready to help with search optimization, advertising, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/other social media ads and more. Plus we invest in general advertising to bring eyes to your great item! When the item sells, you immediately get paid and we take care of the details of commerce, shipping, customer service, etc.

All Things Skate will collect the money from the transaction. We will transfer the funds into your PayPal account, minus our fee of $5 + 18% of sale price -- which covers everything. No strings or surprises. It's that simple.


Items must be in good condition, and you must clearly state if something is missing. Maintaining the quality of our offering is extremely important to our reputation as providing high quality barely used items for the next skater to enjoy!  All items are subject to our approval for sale. 

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